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Current Event:
China Star Tour 2022 (All time and dates below are Beijing time).

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8/8 Monday 9am-11am:
Xiao Lin (Theory, Penn State) hosted by HKU, Moderator – Chen Zhao
Modibo Camara (Theory, Northwestern) hosted by ShanghaiTech, Moderator – Wenhao Wu

8/9 Tuesday 2pm-4pm:
Amanda Dalhstrand (Health, LSE) hosted by Fudan, Moderator – Xiaohuan Lan
Mathilde Munoz (Public, PSE) hosted by PKU NSD, Moderator – Lixing Li

8/10 Wednesday 9am-11am:
Karthik Sastry (Macro, MIT) hosted by CUHK Shenzhen, Moderator – Chenyu Hou
Ashesh Rambachan (Econometrics, Harvard) hosted by CUHK HK, Moderator – Xun Lu

Congratulations to the 2022 China Stars: Modibo Camara, Amanda Dalhstrand, Xiao Lin, Mathilde Munoz, Ashesh Rambuchan, and Karthik Sastry! 

Upcoming Events:
Early Stage Workshops are Starting November 18, 2021 (Wednesday nights U.S. EST, Thursday Mornings China ST)

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