China Econ Lab was established by Chinese and U.S. academic economists in 2020. The mission is to facilitate high-quality research of the Chinese economy. We do this via two categories of activities: 1) Supporting research; 2) Building research capacity in China. To accomplish these goals, we work with researchers around the world. 

中国经济实验室于2020年由来自中美的经济学家们组织成立。本实验室志于推动高质量的中国经济研究。我们主要通过两类方式来实现目标:1) 支持中国经济研究工作; 2) 建设中国本土的研究实力。我们将与来自世界各地的研究者共同合作以实现目标。

Executive Committee 执行委员会

Hanming Fang 方汉明
Nancy Qian 钱楠筠 (Founding Director)
Shang-jin Wei 魏尚进
Wei Xiong 熊伟
Daniel Xu 徐熠