Congratulations Amanda, Ashesh, Xiao, Modibo, Karthik and Mathilde!

The China Star Tour invites promising young economists across all fields to present their fascinating work to researchers in China.


***All time and dates below are Beijing time.
8/8 Monday 9am-11am:

Xiao Lin (Theory, Penn State) hosted by HKU, Moderator – Chen Zhao
Modibo Camara (Theory, Northwestern) hosted by ShanghaiTech, Moderator – Wenho Wu

Xiao Lin (Penn State) "Credible Persuasion" PDF
Modibo Camara (Northwestern) "Computationally Tractable Choice" PDF

8/9 Tuesday 2pm-4pm:
Amanda Dalhstrand (Health, LSE) hosted by Fudan, Moderator – Xiaohuan Lan
Mathilde Munoz (Public, PSE) hosted by PKU NSD, Moderator – Lixing Li

Amanda Dahlstrand (LSE) "Defying Distance? The Provision of Services in the Digital" PDF 
Mathilde Munoz (Paris School of Economics) "Trading Non-Tradables: The Implications of Europe's Job Posting Policy" PDF

8/10 Wednesday 9am-11am:
Karthik Sastry (Macro, MIT) hosted by CUHK Shenzhen, Moderator – Chenyu Hou
Ashesh Rambachan (Econometrics, Harvard) hosted by CUHK HK, Moderator – Xun Lu

Karthik Sastry (MIT) "Attention Cycles" PDF
Ashesh Rambachan (Harvard) "Identifying Prediction Mistakes in Observational Data" PDF

Host Universities: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong at Shenzhen, Fudan University, Hong Kong University, Peking University, ShanghaiTech University.

主办大学: 香港中文大学、香港中文大学(深圳)、复旦大学、香港大学、北京大学、上海科技大学 

Selection Committee: David Atkin, Leah Boustan, Stefano DellaVigna, Esther Duflo, Itay Goldstein, Mikhail Golosov, Veronica Guerrierri, Ali Hortascu, Larry Katz, Edward Miguel, Magne Mogstad, Nathan Nunn, Andrei Shleifer.

Board: Hanming Fang, Zhiguo He, Emi Nakamura, Nancy Qian, Michelle Tertilt, Shang-jin Wei, Xiong Wei, Daniel Xu. 

Past Winners